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Hi my name is Joyce and I am the Kindergarten teacher and the Educational leader at Tiny Treasures. 

I have completed my degree in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Melbourne. I have worked within the child care industry for 12 years. I have 2 beautiful girls, Kate who is 7yrs and Lauren who just turned 1yr.

I aim to provide stimulating and secure environment for all the children. I believe that children learn through their interaction with their FAMILIES, PEERS & EDUCATORS.

FAMILIES - I aim to work in collaboration with families to gain knowledge and a better understanding of their child. This knowledge will be used to form a child/interest based curriculum.

PEERS - I aim to provide many opportunities for children to enegage with one another to develop trust. friendships, acceptance and a sense of belonging. Encouraging teh children to explore and celebrate similarities and differences within our community.

EDUCATORS - As their educator, I aim to provide knowledge and learning through my example, through scaffolding, through conversations, through intentional teachings.

Young children have an enormous potential for growth and achievement. It is in their early years where exposure to a range of expereinces and intereactions with their families, peers and educators are a vita part in helping to mould their early learning.     




Hi my name is Janai. I am a qualified childcare worker and have been in this industry for the last 8 years. I am currently working with children 2-3 years (toddlers room) but also enjoy working with all the different age groups. 

The reason I decided to pursue a career in Child care is because I believe that play and social interaction is necessary in a childs everyday routine/development. 

I find children so interesting, the way they can be so creative and imaginative is amazing. 

I truly enjoy being able to help children along their journey in learning and discovering new concerts, ideas and experiences. It is fulfilling knowing that we can help open childrens minds and see things through their eyes. At times it makes me feel like a child again. 

My aim is to create a fun filled, caring, playful multicultural and interesting environment for all children to feel comfortable to be in and to have fun learning at the same time.  






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