Babies Room

(6 weeks to 18 months old)


Our Babies room is a wonderful and magical place for babies and young children to play and be cared for. Babies love sleeping in our separate cot-room away from the noise. Babies join our nursery between the ages of 0 and 2 years and we welcome breast-feeding mothers with quiet spaces to feed and enjoy their baby. 


Shining stars room reflects the need for a safe, nurturing and flexible approach to understanding the needs and wants of the children in this class.


The daily routine is also reflective of the children’s energy for each day yet we aim to maintain the routine as much as possible so to add to each child’s level of acceptance and security within the childcare environment.


We strongly encourage positive relations with all families and work together to provide your child with daily events that are familiar to them whilst also respecting your family ethics, culture and dietary beliefs.


We do ask that the children arrive by 9.30am so we are able to ensure a smooth transition into the day whilst also encouraging your child to feel welcomed and part of their peer group during our morning welcome.


Rest time is an important part of each day so to allow each child to re-energise themselves for the afternoon. During rest time we listen to peaceful music and sit with the children to help them feel calm and relaxed. We welcome you to bring along their bottle, special toy, dummy or blanket to help them feel more comfortable.


Our focus with all children of this age is support their social and emotional development before anything else. This in turn inspires each child to love learning which then becomes an integral part of their true self for life.


Overall our babies room is full of free self expression, structured experiences to enhance each child’s development and a focus on supporting each child to feel confident, accepted, loved and encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace


Special dietary needs are catered for and our open-door policy means phone ‘check-ins- and visits are always welcome. Of course, all of our nurseries are equipped with modern and classic toys (as well as most modern classics!) and all the state-of-the-art equipment to meet the developmental needs of babies and young children. But no matter how well-resourced we are, at Tiny Treasures Early Learning Centre we always remember the most important thing – a loving environment.


Koala Room  - Babies Brochure is available at the centre or request a copy online by contacting us via email or website.



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